My Story

As a mother, wife, homemaker and hospitality professional, time was always of high demand. After forty-plus years career in hospitality, I was forced to make the difficult decision of leaving.  It was not evident to me at that time  but this was God's blessing in disguise. This decision brought more time to care for my family, my home and even time for myself.  However, convenience does come at a price so I needed to get back to work quickly. I needed a new career that would accommodate my family's hectic schedule and sustain us financially. I was also wanted to make sure my new job gave me joy and involved customer service as I love making people happy. 

 My husband reminded me of a cupcake business we started for my son over the holidays. This was to help him learn the importance of hard work and the value of a dollar. It also reminded me of the fun we had baking as a family. So we decided to recreated the cupcake business with a new name "Zely's Cupcakes". 

Today I am so happy for this career change and thankful for my family's support and understanding. Not saying creating a small business is a walk in the park. There are many sleepless nights baking weeee hours in the morning to ensure perfection, sometimes last minute schedule changes and  lots of unexpected costs.  But in spite of it all, I would not change a thing.

My new career leaves me "flourery" from head-to-toe and a sugary mess.  But my happy customers, happy family and a happier me makes it all worth it.